Plan so far….

Blog was definitely part of my plan however time passes and things get put on hold.  My first plan of course was to produce a body of work that I was happy with and that is going in a direction I desire.

My life before August 2018 when I started to develop my artistic practise.

I graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a BA (hons) in 1990 and continued to paint in Scotland.  Great memories of this time when young and carefree and anything seemed possible!  I exhibited and sold my artwork throughout Scotland,  Exhibitions included the Royal Glasgow Institute, Scottish Society of Artist in Edinburgh, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Rodger Billcliff gallery, Art Exposure and the Seagull gallery.  I did this for  8 years and during this time had starting teaching some adult classes in Art. I really enjoyed this and having a small regular income was quite appealing. I applied to Glasgow University and was accepted to pursue my PGCE in Secondary Art & Design Teaching.  Being a teacher  took me overseas to become subject leader in Art for 8 years.  Life was good.

My husband and I returned home in 2010 with our 3 children and planned to work in the UK as teachers.  Things happen and our plans did not quite work out as planned.  We both teach however it wasn’t quite as easy as we anticipated.  I have pretty much worked full time as a long term Art Teacher in various schools and in the gaps between jobs have been a supply teacher.   My last position was in a lovely school in Windsor, the kids were wonderful and staff friendly and welcoming however  my home is a village just outside Peterborough.  So for the summer term I woke up 5am on a Monday and drove to London to start school at 8 45.  I stayed in a B & B all week and drove home after school on a Friday for the weekend.  Money was good but it was hard, long and became rather dull after a while.  I started to bore of teaching and felt I needed something more in my life.  I had a long time to think about it.  Days were longer and boring so after school finished I would prep for the next days teaching and then begin a journey to start to develop my own artistic practise.